How to remove bubble gum from clothes!

1) Freeze the gum. I put my clothes in the freezer but you can use ice cubes too, the point is to get it COLD.
2) Once frozen, get a butter knife or some sort of scraping utensil and scrape away all the pieces. Be gentle and careful on more delicate fabrics.
3) Get a bucket or use a sink or something and fill it with white distilled vinegar, let your clothes soak for 30 minutes to an hour (depending on severity) or however long it takes for you to see the stain disappear.
4) Rinse in cold water and then wash normally so the vinegar smell is removed.

And that’s how you do it. The vinegar works wonders on stains. It’s a bunch of work but it’s worth it.

Before and after pics of my bubblegum fiasco tonight. It’s amazing what vinegar, elbow grease, and 30 moms can accomplish. It’s not perfectly back to how it was, there’s still some small spots, but it’s presentable in class and more importantly I can buy a new one later on if I need one and can afford one :)
Now I have to be up in 4.5hrs so I’m going to bed. Night!

I ain’t bubblegums bitch tonight. It’s almost perfectly back to normal! There’s still a few spots but a new uniform can wait a little longer now :)!

My washer plays happy music when it finishes washing clothes.

I’m blowing up Jasmina’s phone with bubble gum puns and she’s dying but she’s stuck with them, she can’t burst my bubble tonight!
Also, thanks to Jasmina my Chef uniform is almost back to mint condition! I’m not bubble gums bitch tonight, chew on that!

So, everyone who honestly wants to compete in the relay, step forward! 



1. you 


finished it !



Being alive is getting really expensive