Just let me have him, I want to treat him right

free my love this is so accurate


Okay guys, so remember THIS picture of Nitori’s desk?

As someone has pointed out in the original circling of the post with this picture (here), if you zoom in on the desk drawer you’ll see that there’s something that looks VERY much like an inhaler in his desk drawer.


Now. Listen to this audio post, in particular the section after Rin’s solo part.

Sousuke: Hmm…I guess I’ll get cola for myself, but I wonder what Rin wants…He did say he didn’t care, but that just makes it harder for me to decide!
Ai: *gasping* Momo-kun wait up! You’re too fast!

NItori is COUGHING as he tries to catch up to Momo. He’s clearly breathless, and it’s something that persists as he tries to run after Momo.

I’m not saying Nitori has asthma, but guys Nitori has asthma.

and the baby still gives it all he's got swimming free nitori


transparent trash baby and water dork for your blog

transparent rinharu free eternal suffering

My mom is incredible, I love her so much. And I’m not just saying this because she just bought me Haru’s club jacket cause I mentioned it in passing.

i really love her she always has my side when my dad is yelling she always keeps the peace i love her so much my mom is the best she also watches/reads anime and manga so she can get to know me and my sis better
 "I do believe this trip will be something special for Haru." 
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